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Clinical Hypnotherapy in Bristol

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis uses a trance state, similar to daydreaming, or being absorbed in a book or a film.  This is a natural state that most of us experience on a daily basis without really noticing.  A hypnotherapist uses the trance state to communicate with the subconscious.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

A hypnotherapist can help someone to attain a trance state if they want to do so.  If you do not want to be hypnotised then I cannot make you.

What will it feel like?

This is difficult to answer since the experience is different for everyone. People generally just find it very relaxing.  Some also experience temporary feelings of lightness, heaviness, or tingling.

What’s the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is the process by which a hypnotherapist helps a client attain the trance state. Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis as a tool to help the client achieve their goals.

What if I don’t wake up?

You will wake up.  In fact, you won’t have been asleep.  Everyone naturally comes out of trance in their own time even without any assistance.  I always guide my clients gently out of  hypnosis at the end of the session.

I don’t like being controlled.  Can you make me do anything you want to?

Absolutely not.  It is said that all hypnosis is self hypnosis, so you remain in control all the time.  If I were to suggest something that you didn’t want to take on board, your mind would simply reject it, and you might come out of trance.  I am not involved with stage-hypnosis which is purely for entertainment.  I work only in a therapeutic setting and am bound by the codes and ethics standards of the professional hypnotherapy bodies that I belong to.

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