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Weight Control and Eating Issues

Why do diets often fail?

Clearly, what we eat and how much exercise we take ultimately affects our weight.  It would seem then that by simply making healthier choices in both the types of food and the quantities that we consume each day, we must lose weight.  Often a diet will work for a while, and then the weight begins to pile back on again.  This yo-yo dieting plays havoc with our self-esteem as we swing between deprivation and binge-eating.

One reason that dieting fails is that our body is receiving significantly fewer calories than it needs, so it behaves as if we are being starved.  It reduces calorie expenditure, slowing down our metabolism so that we become sluggish, and stores whatever it can as fat to protect us from future starvation.  Cravings become heightened as the body fears for our life.  We want to be slim, but eventually we give in to the cravings and the cycle starts all over again.

Binge Eating


Binge eating is surprisingly common.  When we are small, food is not only a means of sustenance, but also a means of comfort.  This can continue into childhood when we are given a sweet after hurting ourselves, or to cheer us up, or as a reward for doing well.  By the time we reach adulthood, this response pattern is set, so that  we automatically reach for food for comfort or reward.

How can hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

Kathryn will work with you to address the causes of overeating, helping you to make changes in your life so that these unhelpful patterns can be altered for good. Using a combination of solution focused therapy and hypnosis, Kathryn helps you to make lasting changes while still being able to enjoy the pleasure of eating good food.

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