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Why Stop Smoking?

Most people agree that smoking is bad for our health.  The warnings on cigarette packets are being printed larger and larger, but there are many reasons people have for wanting to stop smoking:

How can hypnosis help us to stop smoking?

Sometimes we consciously want to free ourselves of a habit, but our subconscious mind sabotages our attempts by encouraging us to behave in the same old ways.  Hypnosis is used to access and change those subconscious patterns of behaviour.

If you don’t want to stop smoking, then I can’t force you to do so.  Under hypnosis you will be free to reject any suggestions that you do not want to take on board.  However, if you have made the decision to stop smoking, then clinical hypnotherapy can help you to do this much more easily.

I offer a single extended session to stop smoking.  This lasts between 90 minutes and two hours, varying depending on the individual client.  I always allow the full two hours for this session in my diary to ensure that we will not be rushed.  No initial consultation is necessary.

Stop smoking before it stops you!

  Kathryn Fletcher  HPD  MNCH(Acc)  DHP CBT(Hyp) SFBT Sup (Hyp)

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